So today was my 10 month anniversary with my girlfriend and I decided to surprise her with a candle lit dinner in a tent in my backyard. I tricked her into thinking I was gonna take her to a fancy restaurant. She was so surprised when she saw a bigass tent in my backyard and I led her into it. My bestfriend Jayson also helped me by being our personal waiter. He was dressed and everything. He did a great job serving us bread sticks, pasta, and pouring wine. I can honestly say this is the best date I ever had or ever came up with. The best thing about the date was not only how big my girlfriends smile was the whole time but when she broke down in tears when I gave her a collage that I made her. This was the first time I’ve ever made her cry for the right reasons and that gave me the most satisfying feeling ever. So I recently just realized how much this girl meant to me. So all I gotta say is guys you should treat your girls right, make her special, and never forget to tell her how beautiful she is! I love you Lara Maria Ronquillo Cruz Tiglao <3

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